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During the conception phase of this application, the privacy was so relevant to take some of the architectural decisions. The level of privacy of this application permits to work with a database and its data without any risk .

This is an open source application, and in this way, the users can know the implementation details. In addition, there is a politic of "Full and Public disclosure" that permits the application to be continuously improved, once problems have been detected.

In order to assure the privacy of data that this application offers, it is recommended to download the official version that can be found in this site https://sourceforge.net/projects/zemucan/files/ .


This application can register in the log files, the structure of the database, including instance's name, databases, and the internal objects of them (tables, views, users, groups) as that some external elements such as file system structure of network structure.

For more information about the implementation of the privacy, please look at the privacy section of the latest stable version .

The operation logs of this application are printed in the screen by default (they are sent to the standard output.)

However, for software improving reasons, there is a second type of log that can be activated. This type of log writes the data in a file called sa.log with a more detailed level. Moreover, there, you could eventually see sensitive information.

If the default configuration has been modified, take a look of the log system in the logback.xml file.