General FAQs

Who needs this application?

Any person that has to interact with the database manager DB2 from the Command Line can use this application.

Users like DBAs, developers, sysadmins are the target. In addition, the new DB2 Users will enjoy this application, because they could start to work without expending much time reading grammar.


Why this application is necessary?

DB2 has many commands, some of them are at command line, other ones are SQL, or CLP commands. Each of them has a different grammar, and knowing the grammar of all of these commands is almost impossible. Then, this application assists to write those commands without knowing the grammar. It is just necessary to know the functionality of a command, and this application will help to write the command.



How can I execute this application in Windows?

Follow the instructions of "How to install the application" . If Using Windows Vista or 7, in order to execute the application, it is necessary to load the DB2 environment in Administrative Mode. You have to right click on the db2cmd.exe and select Execute as Administrator.

At this time you can call the application:



When I try to execute a DB2 command in Windows, this message appears: DB21061E Command line environment not initialized.

The DB2 environment has not been loaded, and the application cannot execute the command. Take a look at this link in the publib boulder: db2cmd

In order to execute a command, you must load the DB2 environment by executing the command


The application does not keep a trace of the execution environment, so it is responsibility of the user to load the DB2 environment before executing any command.


The key bindings are not working as described in the Key bindings section.

Sadly, the component that uses the key bindings is jLine, but this framework does not load the key bindings file when it is just in the classpath.

In order to load the key bindings, the application has to be loaded within the same directory as the key bindings.

Currently, there is a open ticket in jLine, asking for this fix.



How can I extend the grammar or modify the existing one?
The information about the grammar is in the "Configuration" section. There you can understand how to extend and modify the current grammar.