There are many types of completers. You have probably used the T9 in mobiles phone to complete words while writing a SMS. In addition, when writing an application in Eclipse , you can get help from the "Code assistant" that shows you a set of possibilities when pressing Ctrl + Space. Moreover, in MS Word, when you type the first letters of a word, sometimes this program presents to you a set of possible options to complete the word.
Another approach, which is very similar to this application, is the auto completion in Command Line Interpreters such as Bash, Zsh or CMD.exe, that helps you searching a program or path in the file system.
Finally, when talking about databases, there are several applications that offer assistance for writing SQL sentences, however, there is nothing for writing commands for database administration, and this application tries to solve this problem.
This is an almost* Pure Java Application that can be executed in many platforms (*It makes some native calls that can be executed in many platforms.)
This application cares about the Privacy of your data. At the designing phase of this application, the Privacy of the data was an important factor of the architectural decisions.

How to get the Software

Download it here; it is a Free and Open Source application.

In Action

Visit this link to see a video of the application in operation.


Some statistics.
Ohloh project report for Zemucan: A Syntax Assistant for DB2
The software is Open Source with LGPL v3 as license.
The documentation has a license Creative Common - Attribution v3.
CC-BY v3

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